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  • Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

    Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA is rich in the essential nutrient DHA, essential for the proper development of infants and children, and offers mood and nerve support for mothers.

  • Nordic Naturals Omega 3D liquid

    Nordic Naturals Omega-3D liquid is a pure, non-concentrated fish oil that provides high doseEPA+DHA and 1000 IU of Vitamin D

  • Nordic Naturals EPA

    Nordic Naturals EPA is a high-potency EPA formula from concentrated fish oil that has been shown to lower inflammatory markers, support a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy joints,  healthy immune system, and healthy mood.

  • Nordic Naturals DHA

    Nordic Naturals ProDHA is a high concentrate DHA supplement for mood support, proper memory, and neurological function.

  • Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3.6.9 – 120 Soft Gels

    Complete Omega is a non-concentrated formula that blends EPA and DHA from coldwater fish with GLA from borage oil. This omega-rich blend supports cardiovascular health, brain function, positive mood, as well as healthy joints, hair, skin, and nails.

  • Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA

    Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA is a safe and effective way to ensure that young children get the DHA they need for healthy development.

    Nordic Naturals has changed the Baby’s DHA formula slightly as it is now being manufactured solely for the Australian market. The product is still of the same superior quality that you have come to know and love from Nordic Naturals. The product is no longer fortified with Vitamin D.

  • Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil

    Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil is a lemon-flavoured liquid containing added vitamin D3. Nordic Naturals has always used 100% Arctic cod livers in their cod liver oil (CLO) formulas—no fish body oils or synthetic additives are ever used.

  • Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels

    Arctic cod (Skrei) has the highest DHA, vitamin A, and vitamin D content of any cod species. On average, Nordic Naturals CLO delivers over 125 mg more DHA per serving than other CLO products.

  • Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil Liquid

    Nordic Naturals’ patented, flavored Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ liquids are perfect for people who don’t like to swallow pills, and they’re so tasty it’s hard to believe they’re from fish.

  • Nordic Naturals Complete Omega – Liquid

    Nordic Naturals Complete Omega – Liquid is a non-concentrated formula that blends EPA and DHA from cold water fish with GLA from borage oil. Research shows that GLA is most beneficial when taken in conjunction with EPA, and that together they help to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Soft Gels

    Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega supports healthy cardiovascular and respiratory function,joint flexibility and mobility, healthy glucose levels, longevity, and the body’s naturalanti-inflammatory response.

  • Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA soft gels

    Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA is a small, chewable children’s DHA supplement flavoured with strawberry essence. Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA is a delicious way for children tosupplement their diet with the essential brain nutrient, DHA.Molecularly distilled for purity, Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA containsonly naturally existing vitamins A and D.

  • Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA Liquid

    Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA Liquid is a high quality omega-3supplement sourced from arctic cod liver oil. This liquid has beentaste-tested by children and contains healthy levels of naturallyoccurring vitamins A and D.