What is a practitioner-only supplement?

A practitioner-only supplement is a product that is only available to licensed healthcare professionals. These supplements are typically higher quality and more potent than over-the-counter products. Practitioner-only supplements are often made with natural ingredients and are available in a variety of forms, including capsules, tablets, and powders.

What is the difference between over-the-counter supplements and practitioner-only products?

Practitioner supplements are formulated by a naturopathic doctor or another healthcare professional, and they undergo rigorous quality-assurance testing and clinical trials to ensure their ingredients are effective and safe. These natural health products are more potent than over-the-counter supplements, which are available without a prescription from a qualified practitioner. Over-the-counter supplements typically contain synthetic nutrients, which may not be as well absorbed by the body as the natural vitamins and minerals found in practitioner supplements.

What are practitioner products?

There are a number of practitioner supplements on the market that can be helpful for those looking to fortify their health. Examples include:

  • Probiotics — Probiotics are bacteria that help keep your gut healthy. They can be found in yogurt, kefir, and other fermented foods, as well as in supplement form.
  • Essential oils — Essential oils are distilled from plants, such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. They have many functions, including reducing stress and improving sleep.
  • Herbal supplements — Herbal supplements are made from plant extracts and are used for all manner of health conditions, from boosting immunity to improving energy levels.
  • Multivitamins — Multivitamins are vitamins and minerals that are meant to be taken daily. They can help you stay healthy and prevent a wide range of diseases.