Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml




100% Ocean Derived Mineral Liquid.

Daily Boost Everyday Health Tonic is made from pure Australian ocean water with most of the salt removed. The resulting liquid is then naturally concentrated to 1% of the original volume. This IONIC mineral liquid is easily absorbed and therefore available for use by the body at a cellular level. Very high in Magnesium, Daily Boost may help to support the immune system and maintain normal nerve and muscle function. Daily Boost contains both macro and trace elements.
A teaspoon of Daily Boost a day delivers approximately 1500mg of minerals.

Adults: 5ml per day taken with food or taken as drops added to drinking water around 1.5 –2ml  per litre.  It can be taken with juice,  in a smoothie or as a ‘shot’ in about 4cm water followed by a glass of water or juice.

Children: 1 –5 drops per day with food and diluted in water, milk or juice.
May cause a diarrheal response (especially if a full dose is taken on an empty stomach). Simply cut the dose down until the body gets used to it.