Black Pearl Ginseng and Longan Combination pill 35g





Each Pill contains:  
Angelica polymorpha root equiv. to dry 17.4mg
Astragalus membranaceus (Astragalus) root equiv. to dry 69.7mg
Atractylodes macrocephala (Atractylodes) rhizome equiv. to dry 26.2mg
Codonopsis pilosula (Codonopsis) root equiv. to dry 43.5mg
Cyperus rotundus rhizome equiv. to dry 17.4mg
Dimocarpus longan fruit flesh equiv. to dry 17.4mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Licorice) root equiv. to dry 26.2mg
Polygala sibirica (Polygala sibirica) root equiv. to dry 17.4mg
Wolfiporia cocos fruiting body equiv. to dry 43.7mg
Zingiber officinale (Ginger) rhizome equiv. to dry 8.7mg
Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Zizyphus) seed equiv. to dry 69.6mg
Ziziphus jujuba (Zizyphus) fruit equiv. to dry 17.4mg


If taking antibiotics, allow at least 90 minutes before taking this formula
Talk to a TCM practitioner/health professional if you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.

TGA Listed product with Aust L 166953.

 Download TGA Public Summary for TGA published information including excipients, which are listed under 'Other Ingredients'.