Black Pearl Lonicera Wild Chrysanthemum Formula pill 35g




This is a simple formula with a clear-cut single action: clearing Heat Toxin (or Fire Toxin). Clinically this formula may be used alone, or as a base for more complex formulations. In regards to pathogenesis, these conditions may arise due to external contraction or from internally generated Heat due to overindulgence in heating foods. This formula is mainly applied in acute conditions, in which the health Qi (zheng qi) is robust, i.e. purely excess type syndromes.

  • Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to cool blood-heat
  • Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to remove heat toxin


Each Pill contains:  
Begonia fimbristipula herb equiv. to dry 66.4mg
Chrysanthemum indicum (Wild chrysanthemum) flower equiv. to dry 44.1mg
Lonicera japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) flower equiv. to dry 88.2mg
Taraxacum mongolicum (Dandelion) herb equiv. to dry 132.3mg
Viola yedoensis (Yedeon's Violet) herb equiv. to dry 43.9mg


Caution during pregnancy.
Talk to a TCM practitioner/health professional if you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.

TGA Listed product with Aust L 99134.

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