Clean and Green Wholefoods Glowing Greens 125g


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Ever feel like you just don't get enough greens into your diet? Look no further. Glowing Greens is here to save your day! The Spinach to your Popeye. A blend rich in nutrients, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibre that may assist in cleansing and strengthening the body. It may help to improve digestive processes and may support your body through those every day stresses and afternoon slumps. Also packed with alkalising and immune boosting ingredients that may help balance pH levels and fight off those pesky colds and flus year round. We promise it doesn't taste like swamp water, more like sipping on a Pina Colada down at the beach (kind of).

  • 25 Serves per tub
  • Tastes delicious without added synthetic or artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners.
  • Made with the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients.

  • Packed with alkalising ingredients that may balance pH levels.
  • May strengthen the body and lower the risk of illness.
  • May gently cleanse the body of impurities, giving you a youthful glow.
  • May support and soothe digestive processes.

Broccoli*, Apple fibre, Pineapple, Alfalfa grass*, Kale, Parsley*, Spinach, Marine algae, Coconut water, Chlorella*, Tulsi*, Natural coconut flavour, Celery leaf, Shiitake, Spirulina*, Thaumatin, Stevia, *Certified Organic ingredients