Direct Health Alkamag 110g




Magnesium Alkaliser

Alkamag contains a unique combination of magnesium carbonate & the strong base magnesium hydroxide designed to assist in the buffering of both organic & inorganic acids. Mixed with carbonated water Alkamag produces a Magnesium Bicarbonate drink.

This product contains no animal ingredients, no added salt, yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or additives and is certified to a standard ingredient specification.

Indications: Chronic over acidity, heartburn, allergies, food intolerance, under-active digestion, assimilation & metabolism & low energy.Each 1.5g (equiv. half a level teaspoon) contains:
Magnesium Carbonate 1.35g
   equiv. magnesium 390mg
   equiv. carbonate 960mg
Magnesium Hydroxide 0.15g
   equiv. magnesium 63mg
   equiv. hydroxide 87mgDirections for use:
Dissolve half a level teaspoon (equiv. 1.5g) in 2 litres of soda water. Close the lid tightly. Leave solution to clear then degas by gently releasing (C02). The solution will contain magnesium and bicarbonate ions. Drink 600ml on an empty stomach as part of the daily intake of water.