Dr. Reckeweg Schuessler BioChemic Tissue Salt BC-28 (12 Salt Formula) 200t




Tissue Salt formula to assist energy levels, endurance and metabolic function
Homoeopathic Medicine.

Each tablet contains:
Calcium fluoratum 6X  8.3mg
Calcium phosphoricum 6X  8.3mg
Calcium sulfuricum 6X  8.3mg
Ferrum phosphoricum 6X  8.3mg
Kalium chloratum 6X  8.3mg
Kalium phosphoricum 6X  8.3mg
Kalium sulfuricum 6X  8.3mg
Magnesium phosphoricum 6X  8.3mg
Natrium chloratum 6X  8.3mg
Natrium phosphoricum 6X  8.3mg
Natrium sulfuricum 6X  8.3mg
Silicea 6X  8.3mg

Contains lactose

Directions for use:
One tablet 3 times daily, or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.
For practitioner dispensing only.

Contains lactose.