Gut Performance (Your Daily Gut Health Workout) Collagen with Hydrolysed Collagen & Blackcurrant 415g




Gut Performance with Collagen is a blackcurrant flavoured prebiotic gut health supplement for men and women made from a blend of superfoods that nourishes your gut’s natural biome. The highest quality Hydrolysed Collagen / Bovine is used to help improve your joints, skin and overall gut health, and helping to boost immunity. Gut Performance with Collagen is scientifically formulated to help with bloating, IBS and gut inflammation with the added benefits of Collagen.
Hydrolysed Collagen (bovine); Whole Blackcurrant Skin Powder; Sugarcane Stem (sugar removed); Red Sorghum; Citric Acid; Stevia (natural sweetener); Potassium Bicarbonate; Gum, Xanthan & Guar; Natural Blackcurrant Flavour.
Not suitable for children under 12 years old
Do not inhale contents