Heal'r Organic Awaken'd (Cacao and Reishi Blend) 40g


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Awaken’d by Heal’r is a luscious taste sensation. For those sweet enough, this is a decadent, delicious blend rich in cacao, Reishi, Turmeric and a unique blend of certified organic ingredients.

A step above a usual cacao latte or turmeric latte, Awaken’d is perfect in cacao raw desserts and Heal’r Turmeric smoothies, with so many more benefits than cacao powder on it’s own. Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for centuries by Herbalists. 

Heal’r Yourself. Taste the difference of seven Certified Organic Herbs and Spices. No gimmicks, just healthy products from a company you can trust. Without ginger or coconut nectar, make this is your FODMAP friendly Cacao, Reishi and Turmeric blend.
Ground Cacao, Ground Turmeric, Ground Lucuma, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Reishi, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Black Pepper

*All ingredients are certified organic