Hilde Hemmes PainElim Cream 100g


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PainElim™ contains capsicum extract, which owes its medicinal value to the chemical capsaicin found in the fruit. For centuries herbalists rubbed capsicum into the skin to treat muscle and joint pain, added it to socks to treat cold feet and dusted children's hands with it to stop thumb-sucking and nail-biting.

  • Compatible with most skin types
  • Not tested on animals

  • May provide pain relief.
  • May relieve painful conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, lower back pain and muscular aches / pains.
  • May exert rubefacient (stimulates circulation) and analgesic (pain relieving) actions.

Active Ingredient: Contains extract equivalent to Capsicum frutescens dry fruit 54 mg/g.
Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.
Wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with the eyes.
May cause skin irritation, in rare cases.
Contains ethanol and phenoxyethanol.

TGA Listed product with Aust L 106920.

 Download TGA Public Summary for TGA published information including excipients, which are listed under 'Other Ingredients'.