Hydra Longevity Healthy Ageing Essentials 180g


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Healthy ageing essentials is an advanced blend of superfood nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. It is formulated by a clinical naturopath and anti-ageing & longevity specialist with 30 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients with all kinds of ageing-related complaints.Mitochondrial & ATP Activate Stack (1450mg): Resveratrol (from Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract 100:1), Alpha Lipoic Acid, PQQ (from Kiwi Fruit), DMG (Dimethyl Glycine), Magnesium Citrate, D-Ribose, Tienchi Ginseng

DNA Protect Stack (892.5mg): Astragalus (Organic), Blueberry (Organic), VitashineTM Vegan Vitamin D3 (250IU), Calcium Ascorbate

Nrf2 Activate Stack (1984.8mg): Green Tea Extract (10:1), Ashwagandha / Withania Somnifera, Broccoli Sprouts (Organically Grown), Curcumin C3 Complex® (65:1), Fisetin (from Strawberry), Beetroot

Senolytic Enhance Stack (400mg): Quercetin, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride

NAD+ Boost Stack (20mg): Nicotinic Acid, Niacinamide B3

Metabol Stim Stack (660mg): Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Guar Gum