Lifestyle Enzymes Gluteneze 90c




Lifestyle Enzymes Gluteneze is a proprietary formulation of select enzymes created to provide enzymatic activity to assist in the breakdown of gluten protein. This product contains DPP IV activity as well as other proteolytic activity and a high amount of amylase activity to assist in the initial digestion of the gluten glycoprotein. In addition, this blend contains Protease 6.0, which has been included for its ability to assist in resolving the inflammation that might be associated with faulty gluten digestion.

100% vegetarian food enzyme supplement


Each vegetable capsule contains:


Protease (Peptidase) (from Aspergillus oryzae)

18.75 thousand HUT

      (provides DPP IV activity)


Protease (6.0) (from Aspergillus oryzae)

12.5 thousand HUT

Amylase (from Aspergillus oryzae)

10 thousand DUAA

Cellulase (from Trichoderma longibrachiatum)

4 thousand CU


In a base of Microcrystalline Cellulose & Vegetable Cellulose

No added gluten, dairy or soy.

TGA Listed product with Aust L 351742.

 Download TGA Public Summary for TGA published information including excipients, which are listed under 'Other Ingredients'.