Livinia Naturals Soy Melts Essential Oils Relaxation


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A relaxing blend of lavender, mandarin, cedarwood, chamomile, lemon and bergamot essential oils.

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Spa Aromatherapy

Long lasting, high quality, scented natural soy wax for use with an aromatherapy/oil burner. Each clamshell has 6 squares. Snap off a cube, place it in the top of the burner - then relax and enjoy the fragrance! 

SCENT TIME (approx) 60 hours - 10 hours per square
General safety
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep away from children and pets.
Do not eat.

Soy wax is naturally biodegradable and is water soluble, so you only need to clean the item with hot soapy water and a cloth; or if it is on your clothing, put through the washing machine.