MTHFR Group Organic PHGG (Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum) 250g


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Partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG) is a unique soluble fibre, also known as an indigestible complex carbohydrate which is naturally derived from the guar bean plant. PHGG naturally contains glucomannan. This prebiotic starch helps to feed the good bacteria in the colon, which helps to enhance short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), bifidobacterium and lactobacilli species that positively benefit gut health.
Partially hydrolysed guar gum powder.

No added gluten, soy, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustaceans, corn, egg or artificial colours and sweeteners.
Adult Dose: Start by introducing 1⁄4 scoop in a large glass of water after dinner and slowly increase this dose weekly until 1-2 scoops/ day is reached. PHGG can be mixed with your favourite magnesium and/ or vitamin C supplement.
Children's Dose: Up to 6 g/day has been administered in clinical trials.


Adverse side effects are extremely rare for PHGG as it has shown to be well tolerated in doses up to 40g/ day. Some adverse effects may include flatulence when beginning PHGG supplementation. 
Please note: When increasing fibre intake bloating, flatulence or mild gastrointestinal distress may occur. Introducing fibre slowly and an increase in water consumption can help alleviate potential undesirable effects.