NatraChoice Are you 7+ Instant Result pH Test Kit Acid/Alkaline Saliva & Urine 100 Prem Strips Pack




Inflammation in the body is impacted by low pH. Acidity and inflammation may present in the body as weight gain &/or difficulty to reduce weight/fat deposits, inefficient kidney function, poor metabolism, high blood pressure, sore joints/arthritis/gout, acid reflux, indigestion, poor skin condition and much more. What makes one person Acidic & another person Alkaline? Different foods, drink, health conditions & lifestyles affect each persons pH level significantly. Our body needs to be Alkaline (pH 7+) for optimal health and one way to accurately test yourself is with high quality, pH test strips.

NatraChoice provide a premium grade & accurate, European made (not cheap imports, ‘knockoffs’), dual pad test strip, that provide fast & genuine quality results. Unlike Litmus paper strips and rolls, the dual reagent test pads on the end of the 7cm long strip, provides simplicity, ‘lightning fast’ results, hygienic handling & accuracy.