NutraViva (NesProteins) Collagen Hydrolysate (Beef) Halal 450g




NutravivaHalal Beef Collagen Hydrolysate contains smaller pre-digested peptides compared to those found in other proteins, allowing them to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximising nutrient delivery to cells. This greater bio-availability makes Nutraviva Halal Beef Collagen Hydrolysate ideal when used for health and beauty treatments.

For some people, traditional whey-and plant-based protein powders can cause digestive issues, such as bloating, gas, and stomach cramps. This could be due to the microbial fermentation that occurs in our gut during digestion, which seems to especially affect individuals with dairy sensitivity or intolerance. Nutraviva collagen protein powder does not cause gastrointestinal discomfort like this, and since it is already hydrolysed, your body can digest the collagen and make use of its benefits quickly and easily.

Country of Origin
There is currently no Collagen Hydrolysate manufactured in Australia. The only country where a suitable grass-fed product could be found is in Brazil. All other countries investigated were unable to separate the source material and appeared to have a blended variety of grass and grain-fed product.

Nutraviva is 100% Australian owned and operated.
Premium Unblended Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate
Combine 1 tablespoon (10g) of dry powder into a smoothie or add to a shaker with your favourite cold beverage and mix thoroughly until dissolved. Let stand for 30 seconds and enjoy. Can be added to hot beverages. Take up to twice per day.

It will not gel and has been hydrolysed for quick absorption into the bloodstream.