One Eleven Bliss (Relaxation Blend) The Original Sachet 1g x 20 Pack


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Bliss contains a pure and natural blend of Ayurvedic herbs that work synergistically to assist a normal functioning nervous system and help you feel more mindful and grounded.


Liquorice root powder, Ashwagandha root powder, Brahmi whole plant powder, Gotu Kola leaf powder, Guduchi stem powder, Sandalwood bark powder, Musta nut grass tuber powder, Amla Indian Gooseberry fruit powder, Moringa leaf powder, Moringa seed powder, Arjuna bark powder, Indian sacred lotus stem powder, Vetiver root powder, Cassia cinnamon bark powder, Green cardamom seed powder, Bay leaf powder, Purnavana whole plant powder.
Not suitable for children under 15 years or during pregnancy or breastfeeding.