OurEco Clean Mould Spray Oil Of Clove + Sweet Orange 500ml


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Oil of Clove and Sweet Orange ‐ Kill it don't hide it. Naturally kill mould spores with Oil of Clove as nature intended.

We have combined Clove and succulent Sweet Orange Essential Oils, to create a spray that may not only kill and prevent mould, but fills your home with a warm spicy citrus scent. For use in your shower, after the last shower of the night, simply spray the Mould Spray directly onto the tiled surface and leave for a minimum of 12 hours. For other mould effected areas, simply spray and leave on the surface for the required 12 hours.

After allowing the oil of Clove the minimum 12 hours it takes to naturally kill mould, we recommend lightly scrubbing the surface with the bi-carb paste to remove the dead mould. Then polish dry with a dry microfiber cloth and the multipurpose spray as required.