OxyMin Colloidal Silver 500ml




Oxymin colloidal silver offers an adult strength colloidal silver manufactured at 50mg per litre (50 ppm) in a Government Health Department approved facility and laboratory tested. Colloidal silver safely neutralizes single celled organisms but does not harm tissue, cell enzymes or friendly bacteria and therefore is an excellent water purifier.


Water stored with one or two tablespoons of colloidal silver per 5 litres will be safe and sweet tasting for a very long time. Water containing germ contaminants (not toxic chemicals) can be made drinkable by adding two to three tablespoons of colloidal silver per every 5 litres of water.


Test results show that Oxymin colloidal silver passes the bacterostatic test and is consistently true to label - 50mg/L. A bacterostatic condition is where disease causing micro organisms cannot grow and multiply.


Oxymin Silver is one of the few colloidal silver products sold in Australian retail outlets that have a guarantee of true colloidal particle size, ranging from 0.0001 micron to ionic state.

To sanitize water:
Add 4-5 drops to 250ml glass of water and let stand for 5 minutes before drinking.

To store water:
Add 1-2 tablespoons colloidal silver per 5 litres.