OxyMin Plus+ DiAtomic Oxygen 250ml


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OxyMin® Plus liquid diatomic oxygen supplement requires your body's daily oxygen requirements.
Oxygen is the most vital element to the human body. 90% of our body's life energy is created by oxygen. Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological resources which can result in ailments ranging from mild fatigue to life threatening diseases.

OxyMin Plus® Plus is a liquid solution which contains intact oxygen molecules ready for immediate absorption. Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites like most primitive lower life forms, are almost all anaerobic. That means these microbes cannot live in an oxygen environment.
  • Minimum of 5% v/v of pure di-atomic oxygen
  • De-ionised Gander Living Water
  • 5ppm unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt

OxyMin® Plus is pH balanced and therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes.
Balanced to the pH of the blood stream.

Contains no chlorine or other toxic halogen compounds.

Internal use:
Mix 15-20 drops in water or your favourite juice, or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.