Phytality Clean Omega-3 (Ultra High Purity DHA Algae Oil) 60vc




Clean Omega-3 provides the purest form of DHA Algae oil, produced and extracted without any solvents! This provides a very light-coloured algae oil, which is flavourless, and odourless. No risk of oxidisation and guaranteed no more burps and bad after taste!

Scientific Research has shown that DHA supports mental clarity and brain health, as well as improving fertility. It may also help prevent or improve chronic conditions, such as heart disease, depression & inflammatory conditions.

Clean Omega-3 is extracted from an approved natural wild -strain algae, grown in an enclosed system and produced according to the highest industry standards and certificationsIngredients: 100% Pure Algal Oil
  • No additives or Solvents
  • Veggie Capsules
Standard: 2x 500mg capsules (1000mg)

Optional for new users: Increased dosage of 4x 500mg capsules (2000mg) over an initial 3-month period. After this switch to standard dosage of 2x 500mg capsules.