Sanum Alkala N Powder 150g




May reduce acidosis in the small and large intestine

Each system of the body has its own physiological pH value and when tissues and organs vary too far from that pH range, they can become susceptible to disease. We live in an acidic environment eating poor quality, highly processed foods with exposure to polluted air and water, environmental toxins and stress as well as consuming acidifying prescription medications. An acidic body is a reactive body, thus by reducing acidity, we may work towards reducing allergic symptoms, inflammation and the trend towards chronic conditions. 

Manufactured in Germany to the very highest standards, ALKALA N powder contains pure sodium and potassium bicarbonate plus sodium citrate to help buffer acids in order to maintain optimal pH balance for optimal health.
Active ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate

133.93 g

Potassium bicarbonate

13.4 g

Sodium citrate

2.67 g

Adults: take ½ - 1 scoop in a glass of warm filtered water, 1-3 times daily, about 20 minutes before food
Some prescription medication can not be taken at the same time as taking an alkaliser. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are currently taking prescription medication.