Stoney Creek Organic Flaxseed Meal Golden 500g




Produced from the premium quality Golden seed, and grown under NASAA full organic certification, Golden Flaxseed Meal is the broken seed that remains after the oil extraction process. An oil content of up to 10% remains in the meal. Extremely high in fibre (over 45%) and protein (35%), Golden Flaxseed Meal is also a rich source of lignans.

Its unique nutty flavour makes it ideal to sprinkle over breakfast cereal and muesli.


Depending on seasonal availability, Stoney Creek may offer either Australian Linseeds or the finest certified seed available from international sources to continue production. This Flaxseed Meal continues to hold the reputation of Stoney Creek quality products and is treated with the same high testing and pressing operations. Please contact customer service for country of origin.