The Lupin Co. Super Lupin Turmeric & Coconut Rice 300g




Low glycemic load? Yep. Packed with protein, fibre and low in carbs? Check. Rich in minerals and antioxidants? You better believe it! Plus did you know TLC Lupin is gluten free, so it's the perfect alternative to glutinous grains like wheat, rye and barley or high carb grains like rice and quinoa. A little TLC really goes a long way to staying bright and healthy!

It's hard to believe something this healthy can taste so good. Our exotic spin on plain rice is guaranteed to tantalise tastebuds. Serve it straight up as an accompaniment to meals or throw in a handful of other fresh goodies to create a stand-alone gluten free meal that packs a serious punch. With the added benefit of protein, fibre and prebiotics, this little bag is sure to become a pantry staple.
Basmati Rice, Lupin Flakes, Coconut, Spices, Salt