Therapacks Hot & Cold Therapy Pack Shoulder & Neck Large




Therapacks are Australian-made heat and cold packs, which have been developed by healthcare professionals, to be as allergy-friendly as they can. Therapacks are easy to use, comfortable to wear and are available in a range of designs to suit most parts of the body while minimising any reduction in mobility. They work by subtly moulding to the contours of the body. Where helpful, Therapacks are fitted with secure Velcro straps.

Therapacks contain natural Australian lupin seeds – chosen for their remarkable heat-retaining qualities. Lupin seeds are odourless, pest-resistant, allergy friendly and, unlike hot water bottles or gels, safe in the event of spills.  They are made from 100% cotton and are hand-washable. These packs can be heated in either an oven or a microwave, or chilled in a freezer.  

Therapacks Shoulder and Neck Pack is the most popular pack in the Therapacks range, due to its versatility. The curved shape of the pack covers the vital areas of the shoulders and neck and keeps it in position without reducing mobility. The pack can be applied to other parts of the body as well.

This pack may be used for: 
• Sore shoulders
• Stiff neck
• Headache and migraine
• Labour pain
• Sports injuries
• Muscle or body relaxation100% Cotton Fabric Covering
Lupin Seeds

*Therapacks freeze the Lupin seed to below -10°C for 48 hours minimum to ensure any weevils or lave are killed.  The seed is 'vacuum' cleaned to remove loose husks/chaff/dust/burrs. The coverings are apparel 100% cotton fabric from Charles Parsons. No chemicals are used in the production or cleaning of our packs.Read and follow the directions for use on the pack.
Do not overheat.
Do not apply to impaired-sensation skin.
Do not reheat until the pack has returned to room temperature or reduce heating time by half.
If pain persists, consult your doctor.