Wigna Policosanol Active Power 12mg 30t




Wigna Policosonol is a natural supplement that may provide advanced support for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

The ultimate cholesterol boost! Support healthy cholesterol levels naturally without harmful drugs. Policosonol may lower cholesterol, blood pressure and promote healthy blood circulation. This product is manufactured in Australia and offers a natural alternative to supporting healthy cholesterol levels.

Policosanol has been shown to help normalise cholesterol without any major or serious side effects such as liver dysfunction and muscle atrophy, which are reported with other drugs (Mas et al. 1999).
  • May assist in maintaining cholesterol levels within the healthy range.
  • May assist blood circulation.
  • By supporting the heath of the cardiovascular system, it may help to maintain or improve general well-being.
  • May decrease the stickiness of particles in the blood known as platelets.

We all need cholesterol to build healthy cells but high cholesterol levels can cause plaque to build up in the arteries leading to insufficient blood flow. In the worse case scenario, this can cause complete blockages or clots of the arteries which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and chronic pain due to poor circulation.
The main ingredients of Wigna Policosanol are Purified Sugar Cane Octacosanol. Octacosanol is an alcohol found in the waxy film that plants have over their leaves and fruit

Sugar Cane Wax Alcohols 12mg per tablet
Adults: One a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Use only as directed and always read the label instructions.
If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.
Do not alter any of your prescribed medicines without first consulting your healthcare practitioner.
Do not use or discontinue if you are allergic to any of the product ingredients.
Keep it out of reach of children.